Ten Secret London Art Galleries

London has some fantastic art galleries. Of course the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, and the Tates (Britain and Modern) are all on the list and for the modern art fancier the Saatchi Collection and White Cube have pole position.But there are plenty of much less well known galleries – some practically unknown to anyone but Londoners.·The Estorick Collection specialises in modern Italian art – Futurists, Surrealists, even the occasional figurative artist. It’s housed in a Georgian mansion, though the white-walled, bare gallery inside feels quite contemporary.·The Whitechapel Gallery isn’t a secret, but its awkward position – near nothing else except Jack the Ripper walks – prevents many tourists finding it. A regularly changing series of contemporary art exhibitions makes it a fascinating place to drop into; you can also borrow an audio tour with a difference to experience the Whitechapel streets a different way.·The Wallace Collection is another not-quite-secret gallery, with an offbeat selection of works including fine French art (Watteau in particular) as well as arms and armour and porcelain, all displayed in a fine mansion that retains much of its original furnishings and atmosphere.·The Pump House Gallery in Battersea Park is one of the capital’s most unusual art spaces, in a restored Victorian water tower. Contemporary art exhibitions are complemented by talks and workshops; when you’ve finished looking at the art works, the park outside awaits you.·The Queen’s Gallery, entered by the side of Buckingham Palace, is far more deserving of a visit than the palace. There are some masterpieces, particularly old master drawings, and temporary exhibitions highlight aspects of the royal collections.·Viktor Wynd Fine Art in Mare Street, Hackney, is more a curiosity shop than an art gallery, but worth a visit for its eccentric ambience, lectures, events, and meetings of the Last Tuesday Society. Like nothing else in London, that’s for sure!·The Wapping Project, Bankside, is focused on the art of photography and holds regularly changing exhibitions. It’s close to Tate Modern, so you can make a nice afternoon of the South Bank, perhaps finishing off with a trip to the British Film Institute, or if you’re fed up with art and fancy a drink instead, why not spend the evening at Vinopolis?·I’m going to put the Soane Museum in here, even though I always put the Soane museum in any post I write about London museums and galleries. Because it’s really good. It’s eclectic – architectural models and drawings, Hogarth paintings, Egyptian sarcophagi – and it’s full of character and it’s free.·Goldsmiths Hall isn’t an art gallery but it holds regular exhibitions of the goldsmith’s art; if there’s one on, it’s worth checking out. I remember one amazing show there, with baroque soup tureens, huge salvers crawling with eels and lobsters and goblets with chubby cherubs teetering on the rim; and some interesting contemporary work, too, from tableware to jewellery and fine pens.·UCL Art Museum is a slightly different take on what a gallery is all about; it’s an archive of art education, as well as art. Since the Slade was the first art school to admit women, it has a good collection of work by women artists, such as Gwen John, Paula Rego, and Dora Carrington, and also has the neoclassical artist Flaxman’s copy of plaster casts, spectacularly displayed under the dome of the library.

Cargo Shipment in Detail

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Beautify Your Outdoor Space With Garden Furniture

For many homes, the garden often forms a very important part of the living space and a lot of importance is placed on the way a garden should look.Outdoor furniture is particularly important in houses where the garden is also considered a part of the living room. There are literally dozens of types of furniture which could be placed outdoors in the garden and they go a long way in enhancing the beauty and aesthetic value of not just the garden but the entire house.There are many types of outdoor furniture ranging from patio furniture to wooden garden furniture. Choosing the right type of furniture could be a bit confusing. It would entirely depend on the customer’s tastes and preferences. It is best to gather a lot of information from various websites and other sources before deciding which type of garden furniture to buy.Some Dos and Don’tsWhen it comes to choosing good furniture for your garden, there are certain important considerations that need to be kept in mind. The first point is the safety aspect of the furniture you buy. Some parts of the garden are vulnerable to cyclones and storms. It is always advisable to have Outdoor furniture such as rattan garden furniture fixed firmly to the ground to prevent them from being blown away and injuring people nearby. Secondly, the garden furniture sets that you buy should be of good quality and they should perfectly match the main furniture placed in the garden.Taking Care of Your Garden Furniture.One problem with outdoor furniture especially if they are made out of wood is that they tend to develop cracks and become bloated during the monsoon. Wooden furniture needs special care so that they can remain a part of your garden for many years. Buying good quality and costly outdoor garden furniture is not enough. Maintaining them in a good condition is very important. There are various types of conservatory furniture made of teak and other types of wood which are very trendy. They go a long way in adding to the beauty and aesthetic appeal of the garden. Such special furniture need proper maintenance and care if they are to last a life time.It is important to remember that the garden is a place where we are closest to nature and hence the furniture that we use in the garden must also respect nature. It should be environment friendly and not cause any damage to the surroundings. Always make it a point to use outdoor furniture made only out of renewable materials. The next thing to remember is to invest a reasonable amount for the proper maintenance of your garden and outdoor furniture. Garden furniture does not come cheap and are quite expensive. If they are not properly maintained, their life span gets reduced drastically.